Freight Box originated in 1996 formed to offer Intermodal Container Transport between Capital Cites Australia wide. Originating in Perth Western Australia and operating for 2 years in WA before branching out to now include all Australian States and Territories and New Zealand. Freight Box is a stand alone container care freight business, that has built its formula on, timed freight management, critical transport care policies and controlled end to end transport management. Our Businesses is simple, we offer, we provide and we deliver Careful Freight end to end solutions.

Our growth is unlike any other competitor in Australia, "because of our 100% focus on the clients product" first and foremost in the safest, fastest most cost effective manner we can, which is backed by our ability to provide our own transport, road, rail, sea and air products locally and Internationally. Our business modal is polite factual product information and our key focal point is simply the transport of our clients goods.

Freight Box the name derives from (" Freight Box" "Freight Cars" an olden day term for a freight carriage pulled by steam locomotives)